Thank you!

It’s been a busy week at Discovery Charter School!

Our enchanted forest book fair is going on until Thursday at 5pm.  All money raised from the book fair will go towards much needed shelving in our expanding library!

We had 2 other big events this week!  Grandparents Day and our Family Fun Night.  The PTA can’t do events without volunteer help and the Book Fair and Family Fun night require lots of help.  Big thank you to the volunteers who helped put on these events.  We couldn’t do what we do with you!


  • Emarie Klos
  • Kara Rudek
  • Ann Bahnemann
  • Esther Claypool
  • Emily Larson
  • Tiffany Cachuela
  • Sophia Bond
  • Nichole Boehmke
  • Amber Hoffman
  • Brandy Gundry
  • Vanessa Sabin
  • Jenn Duerscherl
  • Sarah Livesay
  • Amy Rieke
  • Nicole Perron
  • John Meyer
  • Jeane Johnson
  • Chrissy O’Brien
  • Shawn Buck
  • Jesse Abbott
  • Aaron Klos
  • Doug Grimm
  • Jaime Lange
  • Heather Lines
  • Shannon Benalshaikh
  • Alicia Landa

I hope I’m not missing anyone but if I am please know I appreciate ALL the help!!!

I try to make notes right after events for things that went well or things we could do better for next time.  If you have any feedback (good or bad) please email  We always like to fine tune our events!




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